About NatVim

What is NatVim?

NatVim stands for Natural Vim. NatVim functions as a vertical search engine for natural and alternative treatments for diseases, healthy recipes and other articles. Besides indexing content from all over the internet, it also allows the collaborative creation of treatments, recipes and articles by therapists and health professionals as well as other NatVim users all around the world.

Who created it?

The creator of NatVim is Eric Antonelo, who realized that to attain health, is necessary to go torwards more natural and fresh food, while avoiding processed and industrialized food products. At the same time, it is also necessary to put your body in movement through physical exercises. After experiencing healing through natural ordinary elements such as curcumin, he realized that this type of information is not so easily avaialable or findable on internet and decided to make his own search engine to help other people.

Why should I use NatVim?

There is no other website which offers a sophisticated search functionality for natural and alternative treatments, recipes and articles from the internet in such integrative approach. What makes it even more unique is the possibility of writing testimonials and warnings for treatments from other websites and blogs. Content from internet is not always reliable, but if there are testimonials written by other internet users on treatments, that could be of immense help for other people looking for answers. Furthermore, it is also possible to save your favorite treatments or articles in your account. And this is just the beginning.

How can I help?

If you are a therapist or health professional and feel inclined to alternative / natural medicine, then NatVim is the best place to write down your knowledge and experience through treatments, recipes and articles. This can be done, in principle, in any language (we currently support English and Portuguese, but we plan to support many more). Ordinary users can also write down their own experiences and share with the world. However, health professionals will have a certified profile account and other particular possibilities.